Three Candidates Vying for Medaryville Clerk-Treasurer’s Office, As Filing Deadline Approaches

Medaryville voters will have a few contested races to decide this year. As of Wednesday morning, three candidates are in the running to replace Democrat Judy Harwood as clerk-treasurer, according to Pulaski County Clerk JoLynn Behny.

As it stands, Stacy Conley would face Jasmine Hines in a Republican town convention next month, with the winner going on to face Democrat Kendra S. Miller in November’s General Election. Meanwhile, outgoing Clerk-Treasurer Harwood is running against incumbent Republicans Ray Saltsman, Robert Schultz, and Suzanna J. Wilcoxon for the three Medaryville Town Council seats.

The Town of Monterey will not have to hold an election this year, unless more candidates file. Clerk-Treasurer Linda McCune and council members Emily L. Bailey, Doug Denton, and James Fleury, all Democrats, have filed for reelection, but so far, no one is running against them.

Candidates have until next Thursday at noon to file a declaration of candidacy. Medaryville and Monterey are the only Pulaski County towns with elections this year. Both have opted to hold their own elections using paper ballots, rather than using the county’s voting machines and election board.

This will presumably be the only time Medaryville uses this method. Starting next year, Medaryville officials will selected during presidential election years. That also means this year’s winners will serve a one-year term, before once again being up for election every four years.