Medaryville Voters to Choose Clerk-Treasurer, Town Council Members Today

Medaryville voters have their choice of clerk-treasurer and town council candidates today. Republican Stacy Conley and Democrat Kendra S. Miller are vying to replace Democrat Judy Harwood as clerk-treasurer. Harwood is challenging incumbent Republicans Ray Saltsman, Robert Schultz, and Suzanna J. Wilcoxon for the three town council seats.

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San Pierre Woman Arrested Following Battery Incident

Pulaski County officers were called to a Medaryville residence Saturday night in reference to a fight.

Stacy Conley, 26, of Medaryville told police that she and her sister had gotten into an argument because she would not provide her sister with a clean urine sample for a drug test. Her sister, 25-year-old Kimberly Wireman of San Pierre, reportedly became upset and started screaming at her. Conley stated that her sister was going to borrow her car and when she went out to the vehicle, Wireman was already in the driver’s seat and Conley took the keys out of the ignition. Wireman then reportedly grabbed Conley’s hair and began to hit her while dragging her into the van. Police saw that Conley had been hit in the face. Conley stated that she probably struck Wireman in the face as she was being pulled into the van.

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