Medaryville Town Council Adjusts Employee Policy Book As Requested by Insurance Provider

The Town of Medaryville’s employee policies are getting a slight update, at the request of the town’s insurance provider. Clerk-Treasurer Judy Harwood says the policy book was just adopted by the town council last year. But since then, the insurance company has asked the town to make some minor language changes and add more information about who’s covered.

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Medaryville Town Council Passes Ordinances Pertaining to Election Procedures

Medaryville Town Council members held the final reading over two ordinances related to election procedures when they met last week.

Clerk-Treasurer Judy Harwood explained that town council members were considering these ordinances in order to adjust term lengths. She said the switch will have a positive impact on the cost of running an election.

She stated, “What they’re trying to do is get on the presidential elections and then there’s no cost to the town if they do that.” Continue reading

Full-Service Income Survey to be Conducted for the Town of Medaryville

Executive Director of Kankakee-Iroquois Regional Planning Commission Edwin Buswell provided Medaryville Town Council members with a recommendation when they met last Wednesday.

According to Clerk-Treasurer Judy Harwood, Buswell recommended hiring Lindi Conover-Thompson to do a full-service income survey for the town. Officials will soon be seeking financial assistance for the proposed water tower project. In order to receive any kind of grant funding, they will need to provide necessary data that this type of survey will gather. Continue reading