Conley Elected Medaryville Clerk-Treasurer, Town Council Member Unseated

Medaryville voters have chosen their next clerk-treasurer. Republican Stacy Conley defeated Democrat Kendra S. Miller for the position by a vote of 55 to 29.

The outgoing clerk-treasurer, Democrat Judy Harwood, has won a place on the town council. She’ll join Republicans Ray Saltsman and Suzanna J. Wilcoxon, who were both reelected. Republican Robert Schultz loses his council seat, after receiving the fewest votes.

This year’s election is notable in that the winners will only serve a one-year term, before their offices are once again up for election in 2020. That’s because Medaryville is switching its election cycle to presidential election years.

Additionally, the town handled its own election this year, with voters using paper ballots, rather than Pulaski County’s voting machines. A total of 85 Medaryville residents voted in Tuesday’s election.

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