Pulaski County Election Board Awaiting State Guidance for Primary Election

The Pulaski County Election Board is waiting for some guidance from the state, when it comes to proceeding with the primary election. Clerk JoLynn Behny says she and the rest of the election board met with Pulaski County Democratic Party Chair Doug Denton and Republican Party Chair Dan Murphy on Wednesday to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic.

Behny says they discussed a number of topics, including absentee ballots, poll worker safety, and the need for backup poll workers. They also talked about including hand washing stations at polling locations and the possibility of consolidating polling places.

Board members passed a motion stating that those living in health care facilities or residencies will vote only by absentee ballot, according to Behny. But the clerk says the board was reluctant to make any solid decisions, due to the ever-changing nature of the coronavirus threat.

Behny expects the Indiana Secretary of State’s Office to give county clerks more definitive guidance in the coming days. The election board is also waiting to see what Governor Eric Holcomb has to say.

Behny stresses that the election board and party chairs are working to make sure voters, as well as poll workers, are protected. Meanwhile, the Pulaski County Clerk’s Office has launched a Facebook page to make it easier for residents to find information, especially during the upcoming closure of Pulaski County government offices to the public.