Indiana State Police Assist with Double Homicide Investigation in Pulaski County

Ross Stacy – Mug Shot Provided by ISP

On Friday, Indiana State Police were called to Pulaski County to investigate a suspected double homicide.

According to ISP representatives, evidence from the investigation lead to the arrest of 32-year-old Ross Stacy, of Winamac, the morning of Saturday, March 10th. Ross Stacy is being held in the Pulaski County Jail and has been formally charged with Murder. Continue reading

NJ Town Superintendent Discusses Funding for Paving and Sidewalk Upgrades

North Judson Town Superintendent Marshall Horstmann told council members that the town was recently awarded $158,160 in Federal Highway Administration funds for phase three of their ADA compliance project.

At their meeting last Monday, he mentioned since planning and engineering costs haven’t been factored in yet, that won’t even be the complete amount awarded. He also told members that with all three phases of the ADA compliance projects, the town has been awarded a total of $406,360 so far. Continue reading

Knox Planning Commission Discusses Accessory Buildings and Temporary Structures

The Knox Planning Commission continued their discussion over the definition of accessory buildings when they met last week.

Plan Commission Attorney Martin Bedrock was absent from the meeting where members initially discussed accessory buildings and other storage structures. He asked them to recap their progress so far during last Tuesday’s meeting.

They shared that they’ve been distinguishing the difference between temporary and permanent structures. Continue reading

Zoning Request Accepted by Knox Planning Commission Will Go Before City Council for Final Approval

Knox Planning Commission members held a public hearing over a rezoning request when they met Tuesday night.

In February, Timothy Miller came before the commission requesting permission to rezone a piece of property on Pacific Avenue from residential to commercial. At Tuesday’s meeting, he reminded the members of the specifics related to his request. Continue reading

Highland Cemetery Concern Brought Before North Judson Town Council

Some concerns about the Highland Cemetery were brought to the attention of the North Judson Town Council Members when they met Monday night.

Resident Vicki Richey informed members that she was speaking on behalf of everyone who has a loved one buried in the cemetery.

She stated that she used to own a tree-service company and recently looked over the land at Highland and found about 45 tree stumps. She added that there is also split tree that should be taken care of because if it falls it runs the risk of damaging some headstones. Continue reading

North Judson Police Officer Rico Simpson and His K9 Partner Complete Week 2 of Training

Photo Courtesy of NJPD Facebook Page

North Judson Police Officer Rico Simpson is at the tail end of week two of K9 training at Vohne-Liche Kennels and according to Town Marshal Kelly Fisher, things are going really well.

At Monday’s North Judson Town Council meeting, Marshal Fisher told members that Officer Simpson and his K9 Partner Jimy already have a phenomenal bond. Continue reading

New Member Welcomed to Knox Planning Commission Tuesday Night

The Knox Planning Commission welcomed a new member during their meeting Tuesday night.

Mayor Dennis Estok appointed Jim Strong to the commission and he is filling Steve Dodge’s seat. His term will end on December 31st, 2019.

Commission President Greg Matt said that Strong resigned from the BZA to be on the Planning Commission, leaving a vacancy on that board. Mayor Estok explained that with Strong switching over to the Planning Commission, there are now two open seats on the Board of Zoning Appeals. Continue reading

Starke County Economic Development Foundation to Hold Community Retreat

The Starke County Economic Development Foundation will be holding a community retreat at their office in Knox on Tuesday, March 20th from 7:30 a.m. until noon CT.

Interim Executive Director Larry Wickert spoke to the North Judson Town Council members about the session during their meeting Monday night. He cleared up some confusion about the focus, stating that the event will be open to all municipalities in the area and will not solely be about development in North Judson. Continue reading

Culver Community School Board Awards Bus Bids to IC Collins

According to Culver Superintendent Karen Shuman, school board members awarded bus bids during their meeting Monday night.

Shuman explained that the school corporation was looking to sell three buses as a part of their bus replacement plan. They had two 66 passenger buses that were included in one bid and then another bus that holds 54 passengers that was bid out on its own. Continue reading

Multiple Agencies Continue to Work Together on Top Priority Death Investigation

Ever since 37-year-old Knox resident, Barbara McCurdy was discovered deceased over a month ago in Winamac, the Pulaski County Coroner has continuously been coordinating with a number of law enforcement agencies to work on her death investigation.

Pulaski County Coroner John Behny mentioned that this is a top priority case. He said the Coroner’s Office continues to work in conjunction with the Indiana State Police, the Knox and Winamac Police Departments, the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office and the Starke County and Pulaski County Prosecutor’s Offices, collecting pertinent information related to the case.

According, to Coroner Behny the official cause and manner of death are still pending. Continue reading

Starke County Jail Offers Green Thumb Gardening Class as a Part of F.A.R.M Program

Instructor Phil Woolery Leads Gardening Class for Starke County Jail inmates

According to Starke County Sheriff Bill Dulin, more than 30 jail inmates recently started a gardening class instructed by Starke County Purdue Extension Educator Phil Woolery.

Sheriff Dulin shared that a total of 32 inmates will be attending the month-long class where Woolery will teach lessons about agriculture, horticulture and other skills related to botany.

He said the “green thumb” gardening class is a part of a Starke County Jail program called F.A.R.M., which is an acronym that stands for Focusing A Recovery Mindset. Continue reading

Starke County Surveyor Thanks Local Farmers For Stepping Up to Help Out With Flood Response

According to Starke County Surveyor Bill Crase, four breached levees in the Starke County and La Porte County areas have recently been fixed, while work on one site is being postponed due to the current levels of the Kankakee River.

Surveyor Crase explained that while working on the final section of a levee, workers realized that the river wasn’t dropping. He said if they sealed it up, the pressure would have caused the water to burst out elsewhere so they weren’t able to fix it just yet. While they have slowed the breach down a bit, Crase said crews continue to monitor the spot and are waiting for the river to drop before patching it up any further. Continue reading

Possible Impact Flooding Could Have on Agriculture

Though much of the high water we were seeing last week has receded, you may have noticed that there are still several fields that are looking more like lakes recently.

Depending on when these flood waters clear up completely, Hoosier farmers may run into some issues this farm season.

Purdue Extension Agriculture Educator Phil Woolery mentioned that the severity of impact will depend on how long a farmers’ field stays underwater. He said fields that dried up rather quickly probably won’t have any issues, while those that are having trouble draining may run into some problems down the line. Continue reading

Knox City Council Votes to Establish Ordinance Defining the Official Duties of Council Members

Knox City Council members voted to move forward with establishing an ordinance that would define the official duties of city council members when they met last week.

Up until now, the duties of a council member have been implied but unspecified. This proposed ordinance would establish expectations and responsibilities for council members, including things such as attendance and constituent representation. Continue reading