Navy Veteran Joins Sheriff’s Department as Officials Deliver Wreaths to Starke County Cemeteries

Justice Center Warden Phill Cherry, Maintenance Director Tony Mildice, Jail Commander Nathan Caudill, Chief Detective Adam Gray, Navy Veteran Chuck Johnson and Sheriff Bill Dulin

Navy Veteran Charles “Chuck” Johnson accompanied officials from the Starke County Sheriff’s Department Friday morning as they placed wreaths on the entrances of local cemeteries to commemorate service members who made the ultimate sacrifice.

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North Judson Town Attorney Recommends Appointing a Separate Safety Board

North Judson Town Attorney Justin Schramm encouraged town council members to appoint a safety board when they met Monday night. Currently, North Judson Town council members also serve as members of the safety board.

The attorney referenced an Indiana code that regulates the discipline and removal of firefighters and police officers which gives individuals the right to a hearing where they can appeal to the safety board if they face a suspension exceeding 5 days.

Schramm said that can lead to a bit of an issue when safety board consists of the same people who serve as town officials.

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Dedicated Community Members Honored at Starke County Chamber of Commerce Awards Dinner

Brenda and Van Janovic, Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Jessica Craig and Chamber President Jerry Gurrado

The Nancy J. Dembowski Community Center was teeming with community spirit Thursday evening during the annual Starke County Chamber of Commerce Awards Dinner.

The event was attended by local leaders, state representatives, former award recipients and a plethora of caring community members. It was led by Chamber of Commerce President Jerry Gurrado and Executive Director Jessica Craig.

The man of the hour was the owner of Territorial Engineering Van Janovic, who was presented with the Henry F. Schricker Service Before Self Award. Continue reading

2018 Community Crossings Matching Grant Recipients Announced

A few local municipalities will be receiving funding assistance to complete some needed roadwork thanks to the Community Crossings Matching Grant Program. The City of Knox received $346,138.07, the Town of Francesville received $131,854.29 and North Judson will be getting $93,010.50.

Starke County also applied for Community Crossings funds and received a total of $454,002. Continue reading

North Judson Town Council Brainstorms Ways to Recognize the NJ-SP Lady Jays Volleyball Team

Photo Source: WKVI Sportscaster Nathan Welter

The North Judson-San Pierre Lady Jay Volleyball team received a tremendous amount of community support over the weekend after winning the Indiana High School Athletic Association’s State Volleyball Championship on Saturday.

When town council members met Monday night, they deliberated about some ways they can recognize these talented student-athletes for this historic accomplishment. Continue reading

North Judson Town Council Considers Request from Habitat for Humanity

A Habitat for Humanity Representative submitted a request to the North Judson Town Council Monday night.

Ernie Smith spoke on behalf of the organization and said that volunteers are going to install a wheelchair ramp at a residence near the Girl Scout Cabin on Talmer Avenue. He asked the council if they’d be willing to waive the $50 permit fee to do the work. Continue reading

NJ Town Council Amends Water Revenue Bond Ordinance to Reflect SRF Public Pool Interest Rate

North Judson Town Council members were required to make an amendment to the Town’s 2018 water revenue bonds ordinance when they met Monday night.

As previously reported, the Town is funding their drinking water project with money from a State Revolving Fund (SRF) loan. When members initially passed the water revenue bond ordinance, they included the anticipated interest rate which was 3.25 percent. Continue reading

Starke County ‘Business of the Year’ and ‘Above and Beyond’ Award Winners Announced

This week, a number of vital people and organizations will be recognized for the important impact they’ve made on the community during the annual Starke County Chamber of Commerce Awards Dinner.

At the Nancy J. Dembowski Community Center this Thursday, the Henry F. Schricker Service Before Self Award will be presented to Van Janovic, of Territorial Engineering. The Business of the Year and Above and Beyond awards will also be presented at this time.

The 2019 ‘Business of the Year’ is Traffic Control Specialists, Inc located in Knox. In a social media post, Chamber of Commerce representatives congratulated President Tracy Triska for the amazing contribution her company has made to the community by donating time, labor, signs and much more. Continue reading

Students Are Encouraged to Explore Available Funding Opportunities During National Scholarship Month

The National Scholarship Providers Association (NSPA) recognizes November as a time to raise awareness of scholarship opportunities for current and future college students. That is why November is recognized as National Scholarship Month.

According to information provided on, National Scholarship Month used to be acknowledged in May until 2008. However, since many scholarship providers begin posting new scholarship information and competitions for the next academic year around November, it was moved. Continue reading

The Pulaski County Travel Board will be at two Winamac Locations Today

In order to ensure that all citizens have a fair chance to cast a vote, the Pulaski County Travel Board is making some stops around the county prior to Election Day.

According to Pulaski County Election Board officials, the travel board will be in Winamac today at the Pulaski Health Care Center and the Hickory Creek nursing home. Earlier this week, the travel board was the Parkview Haven Retirement Home in Francesville. Continue reading