North Judson Police Department Seeks Fourth Full-Time Officer

The North Judson Police Department is accepting applications for a new officer now through October 11th. Town Marshall Kelly Fisher addressed the Town Council Monday night, saying the department is looking to complete their force with a fourth officer.

Currently the full-time force consists of Fisher and Officer Frank Thomas and Officer Rico Simpson. Fisher said she is very proud of the work being done by the full-time and part-time officers but an additional full-time position would allow everything to fall into place. Continue reading

Projects Can Move Forward After Resolutions Receive NJ-SP Board Approval

Two resolutions were passed Tuesday night that will allow the North Judson-San Pierre School Corporation to move forward with their lease rental bond project. The resolution approving the form of lease agreement and the resolution approving the issuance of series 2017 bonds received unanimous board approval.

Attorney Thomas Peterson explained that the resolution approving the form of lease agreement authorizes officers to sign the lease that has been before them since June. Before they could sign the lease, the board had to follow proper protocol, such as holding a public hearing over the lease agreement. Peterson mentioned this was one of the final formalities involved in the process. Continue reading

Culver School Board Adopts Capital Project & Bus Replacement Plans

Resolutions proposing the adoption of the 2018 Budget, capital projects plan and bus replacement plan came before the Culver Community School Board following a public hearing held at their Monday evening meeting.

No public comments were provided during the hearing. The board then went on to adopt the resolutions for the 2018-2020 capital projects plan and the 2018 bus replacement plan. Continue reading

North Judson Town Superintendent Report Addresses Manhole Issues

Town Superintendent Marshall Horstmann has recently been checking the condition of various manholes around the Town of North Judson. He told council members Monday evening that he has discovered six manholes that need to be relined in order prevent deterioration beyond repair.

If unaddressed, Horstmann said the deteriorating manholes could lead to sinkholes in those areas. Continue reading

Free Trees Available to NIPSCO Customers

Did you know strategic tree planting can help conserve energy and reduce energy bills? The Arbor Day Foundation program Energy-Saving Trees is offering 375 free trees to NIPSCO customers to simultaneously assist clients and the environment.

An online tool helps customers estimate the annual energy savings that will result from planting trees in the most strategic location near businesses or residences. The Energy-Saving Trees tool uses peer-reviewed scientific research from the USDA Forest Service’s i-Tree software to calculate estimated energy savings. Additionally, the tool estimates other benefits including cleaner air and reduced carbon dioxide emissions. Continue reading

North Judson Animal Ordinance Discussion Continues

During the North Judson Town Council meeting Monday evening, members confirmed that rather than adding an urban chicken ordinance, they will instead be amending the current animal ordinance to address the concerns brought before the council the last several meetings.

Prior to the meeting, council members received a working document from Town Attorney Justin Schramm. In the working document he provided place-holder numbers and language based off similar ordinances from other towns and cities in the surrounding area. He encouraged the council to let him know where they’d like to see changes or what else they’d like to cover in the ordinance. Continue reading

North Judson-San Pierre School Board Approves All Items Up for Adoption

North Judson-San Pierre School board held a public hearing for a proposed lease agreement as well the 2018 school budget prior to their regularly scheduled meeting last night. They were specifically addressing the Capital Projects Fund and the Bus replacement fund during the hearing.

Treasurer Guy Richie explained that approximately 40 percent of the capital project funds go toward technology with the remaining funds being disbursed among things such as insurance, utilities and repairs. He also mentioned that the bus replacement fund is set up to allow the corporation to purchase three new buses in 2018. Continue reading

SCCF Grants Awarded Year-Round, Funds Still Available for Interested Non-Profits

This year the Starke County Community Foundation eliminated deadlines for their grant applications which allows them to accept applications and award grants all throughout the year. Nearly $23,000 of community grant money remains available to Starke County non-profits who submit grant applications to the SCCF.

So far this year, the SCCF has awarded more than $284,000, with around $12,000 going toward community grants. The foundation is looking to award the remaining $22,900 by the end of 2017. Continue reading

Cumulative Railroad Revenue Fund Established During NJ Town Council Meeting

During the North Judson Town Council meeting last night, board members approved an ordinance establishing a cumulative railroad revenue fund for future payments from the railroad company and to transfer the money from the existing railroad capital improvement fund.

In the settlement agreement between the Town of North Judson and Chesapeake and Indiana Railroad Company (CKIN), it was arranged that the town will receive quarterly payments from the railway operator based on and coinciding with railroad traffic. A fund needed to be established in order to put those payments somewhere under the new agreement. Continue reading

NJSP School Board to Hold Public Hearings for 2018 Budget & Proposed Lease Agreement

When the North Judson-San Pierre School Board members meet tonight they will hold a public hearing for their 2018 school budget, the capital projects fund and the bus replacement fund. The will also hold a hearing about a proposed lease agreement.

Once the hearings have been adjourned, council members will move on to budget adoption. They will also be acting on the capital projects plan, the bus replacement plan and a tax neutrality resolution. Board members are scheduled to adopt the advertised budget reduction resolution. Continue reading

Choir Call-Outs for Community Christmas Cantata This Thursday

Though there are still a few other holidays coming up before Christmastime is officially here, practices for a December performance will start soon. Choir call-outs for this year’s Community Christmas Cantata will be Thursday at 6 p.m. CT in the Knox United Methodist Church. Brian Liechty and Nan Folkers are working together as directors for this year’s production and will hold choir practices at the church every Thursday at 6 p.m. following the initial call-out meeting. Continue reading

Railroad Crossing Repairs Cause Road Closure

INDOT recently began some rail road crossing repairs that will cause a closure impacting commuters and residents of Starke County.

Norfolk Southern Railroad Company is renewing and repairing a railroad crossing near Knox, causing the closure of State Road 8 between County Road N. 100 E. and County Road N. 200 E.

This closure will last from Monday, September 18th until Friday, September 29th. Norfolk will only be closing this section of State road 8 for railroad crossing rehabilitation. Continue reading

Potential Ordinance Readdressed During Knox City Council Meeting

Last Tuesday, Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston provided an update about an issue discussed during a previous Knox City Council meeting. Back in August, concerns over improper parking methods in town were addressed during the council items. Houston said he would look into whether or not an ordinance regarding those issues exists on the books.

“I looked back and saw what we had about parking on the sidewalk, also there have been some other issues about people parking their car in their front yards or parking RVs in the street so you’ve got wider than a vehicle,” Houston explained, “so I think that we’re going to have to come up with an ordinance.” Continue reading

ISP Provides Driving Safety Tips for Harvest Season

As harvest season is upon us, it is important for rural drivers to be cautious of the increased amount of farm machinery on the roadways. Large farm implements often need extra space on the road so motorists should be prepared to slow down, pull over or stop to avoid collisions.

In order to keep everyone as safe as possible, the Indiana State Police released these tips for motorists and farmers sharing the roadways this farming season. Continue reading

Preservation of Winamac Cemetery Discussed During Town Council Meeting

A citizen concerned about the preservation of the Winamac Cemetery spoke up during the Winamac Town Council meeting on Monday. Kim Russell approached the council and presented her concerns about the cemetery, which she says is the oldest cemetery in Pulaski County. She said the cemetery is where many of the town’s founding fathers and ancestors are buried and feels it is our job to defend and respect their final resting place.

Continue reading

Knox City Council Member Suggests Installing Line at Culver Road Stop Light

During the Knox City Council meeting on Tuesday, Council President Don Kring revisited an issue he discussed during the last council meeting. He asked the council to consider looking into painting a dotted line on Culver road, at the stop light located at the intersection of Main St.

Kring said the road there is wide enough where it should allow individuals turning left to be on one side, while people going straight forward can continue driving. An issue arises when people are stopped at the stop light in the center of the road. If the driver at the front of the line is turning left, that means all drivers must wait until they’ve turned before they can continue driving. Continue reading

Public Hearing over 2018 Budget Held During Knox City Council Meeting

Knox City Council held a public hearing over the 2018 budget during their meeting Tuesday night. If you missed it, don’t worry, the budget can be seen online through the Indiana Gateway for Government Units website. Click here to access the 2018 Budget for the City of Knox.

During the hearing, Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston went over specific items on the notice to the taxpayer. He explained that the max civil levy is the maximum amount of money that is allowed to be collected from property taxes. The estimated max civil levy is $1,567,438. He also described that the tax cap, the amount of money not allowed to be collected based on the classification of particular properties, is $221,292. The estimated general fund is $1,563,107. Continue reading

Winamac Town Council Receives Updates on Police Station Renovations

Members of the Winamac Town Council received a couple of updates about renovations to the new police station during their meeting Monday evening. Town Marshall Mike Buchanan said that a new building on Main Street was purchased back in January and renovations started around March. He predicts they’re approximately 4-6 weeks away from occupying the new space.

During the Town Manager report at the meeting, Brad Zellers told members all that’s left to do is ceiling, door and flooring installation, as well as work that needs done in the parking lot. Continue reading

Knox City Council 2018 Salary Ordinance includes 3% Pay Increase, Raise for Part-time Police

The Knox City Council held the first reading of the 2018 salary ordinance during their meeting Tuesday evening. A three percent increase is being proposed across the board, with the exception of part-time police, which had a specific raise amount recommend by the Chief of Police.

Mayor Dennis Estok explained the three percent increase is being proposed across the board because of a recent insurance policy change. Continue reading