Don’t Let Mosquitoes Suck the Fun Out of Your Summer

The recent rainy weather combined with the spike temperature has created the ideal conditions for mosquitoes to thrive.

Everyone hates the little pests and the itchy bumps they leave behind and in some cases, the insects could even be carrying a mosquito-borne disease.

The Center for Disease Control has issued a few different precautionary measures you should take in order to protect yourself from bites.

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The CDC Warns Individuals to Be Aware of High Frostbite and Hypothermia Risks This Time of Year

With extremely cold temperatures and frigid wind chills expected to continue in the coming weeks, the Center for Disease Control is warning people to take necessary precautions to avoid getting hypothermia or frostbite.

Before going outside, make sure you’re sufficiently dressed for the weather. Your fingers, toes, ears, cheeks, chin and nose should all be thoroughly protected, as these are the areas most vulnerable to frostbite. Continue reading

Pulaski County Farmland Gathers Second Appraisal for Planned Sale

Pulaski County CourthousePulaski County has completed a second appraisal of county-owned farmland.

The request was made several weeks ago by the county commissioners to ensure the value of the land near Winamac was indeed fairly determined by an initial report. Cash from selling the farmland will likely be used to acquire another piece of farmland near Medaryville for the development of the westside rail-served industrial park.
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