Culver Town Council to Meet Tonight

The Culver Town Council members will hold a public hearing on an ordinance that amends the traffic, parking and pedestrian regulations within the town. In a previous meeting, Town Manager Jonathan Leist noted that this is a document that was presented and approved earlier, but it needs to go through the public hearing process once again as directional wording was incorrect in the first version. After the public hearing concludes, the town council will hold a first reading of the ordinance.

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Meet Culver’s New Park Superintendent Tomorrow on Opening Day for the Beach

Amber Cowell and some Culver kiddos showing off their crafts. Photo Source: Town Manager Jonathan Leist

Culver’s new Park Superintendent has been busy preparing the park and beach for the summer season.

Park Superintendent Amber Cowell attended her first town council meeting Tuesday night. In her report, she announced that the beach will be opening this Saturday. In conjunction with opening day of the beach, an open house to welcome Amber to her new position is being held at Culver Beach Lodge. Continue reading

Culver Town Council to Consider Rezoning for Culver Meadows Development

culver town hall

The Culver Town Council will consider the next step for the proposed Culver Meadows development. It would consist of about 25 single family homes and townhouses, as well as a new gas station in the area of State Road 10 and State Road 17. During tonight’s meeting, council members will consider an ordinance on second and third reading to rezone the property to a Planned Unit Development.

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Three OCRA-Funded Projects in Culver Reviewed for Application Submission Today

Three projects that will be funded with grant money from the Office of Community and Rural Affairs recently were reviewed by Culver Stellar Community members and Shannon McLeod from Priority Project Resources last week. Culver Town Manager Jonathan Leist told the town council members this week that the overview of the applications for those projects are due today that include plans for the Culver Beach Lodge, Cavalier Park and Lake Max programming. The applications will undergo state and environmental review and historical preservation aspects.

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Culver Winterfest Event Continues Today

Culver WinterFest

The Town of Culver’s Winterfest in Culver continues today in the Culver Town Park.

Enjoy sledding, igloos and fun in the snow all day today with a survivor car giveaway, additional outdoor activities for the kids, the Cupid’s Crawl shopping event at 3 p.m., the ice sculpture fights from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., and a light up the park event from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

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Don’t Miss Your Chance to Visit with Animals from the North Pole At Culver Beach Lodge This Saturday

Culver Beach Lodge is hosting a special “Silly Safaris” Presentation tomorrow, featuring animals from the North Pole. The free, all-ages program will start at 11 a.m. ET and last until noon.

According to the organization website, this specific program focuses on animals native to the Arctic Circle, one of the world’s harshest environments. The presentation will feature a reindeer and may also include another mammal, a bird, a frog, a reptile, and a few insects to display the variety of creatures that inhabit this area. Continue reading

Culver Stellar Projects to Expand

Some projects within the Town of Culver’s Stellar Communities Designation program will expand thanks to additional Community Development Block Grant funding.

Culver Town Council President Ginny Bess Munroe read a report into the record from Town Manager Jonathan Leist during last week’s meeting. Leist indicated that the Stellar Committee agreed to expand the Cavalier Sports Park project along with the Culver Beach Lodge renovation efforts and Lake Max programming and accessibility. It was the decision of the committee on Dec. 19 to expand on the current projects rather than begin planning for an entirely new venture.

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Culver Town Council Gets “Stellar” News

Culver Town Manager Jonathan Leist delivered some “stellar” news Tuesday night to the town council members pertaining to funding for projects within the town’s designation as a Stellar Community.

“We had our first meeting with the grant administrative staff from the state and found out for our Community Development Block Grant funding through OCRA that they basically set aside $2 million for us,” said Leist. “A lot of that we’ll use at the Culver Beach Lodge and Cavalier Sports Park. That is a significant chunk of change that won’t require a local match at all. It’s very good news!”

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Relocation of Culver and Lake Maxinkuckee Visitor’s Center Discussed

The Culver Town Council members revisited a request this week from Becca Pazin with the Culver and Lake Maxinkuckee Visitor’s Center to move her office from the bank building downtown to the Culver Beach Lodge.

She explained that the change in location would create better visibility of the office for tourists. Her office would be located on the third floor of the beach lodge. The move also allows more space for her especially in terms of meeting space. She could have more private conversations with visitors to the visitor’s center or clients to discuss business. There would be more space to display brochures available to attractions in Culver and Marshall County. Continue reading

Culver Stellarbration and Sand Hill Farm Groundbreaking Today

The Town of Culver’s Stellarbration event is set for today at the Culver Beach Lodge. The town was named a Stellar Community in the state’s Stellar Communities Designation Program on Oct. 18 after two years of hard work to achieve the status.

Prior to this event, officials will conduct a groundbreaking ceremony on the Sand Hill Farms workforce housing development which is a project detailed in the Stellar Communities application. Construction of this structure will provide housing for those seeking one, two or three bedroom apartments who want to make Culver their home. The project helps complete goals of increasing housing and population, plus an increase in enrollment and economy in Culver. Continue reading