Internal Controls Training Covered at Knox City Council Meeting

During his report at Tuesday’s Knox City Council meeting, Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston discussed some internal controls training that’s required annually.

Houston explained, “This is where people working for the city are watching to make sure that there isn’t any kind of waste, fraud or abuse going on, that the accounting is being done correctly, that things aren’t being stolen or anything like that. The state has some training, it’s about 30 minutes, you watch a film.” Continue reading

Knox Fire Department Offers Educational Outreach, Smoke Detector Help for Fire Prevention Month


The City of Knox is recognizing Fire Prevention Month. Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston discussed some of the planned activities with the city council Tuesday. “The fire department will start having classes with Little Lambs and Head Start on Wednesday and at the elementary school with the children on Thursday,” he said. “And I think it’s important to teach our kids, ‘Don’t play with fire.'”

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Knox Splash Pad Closed for Winter

Fall is here, and that means the end of splash pad season in the City of Knox. Mayor Dennis Estok told the city council that the splash pad was shutting down for the season earlier this week. “We were going to let it ride until over the weekend, but the weekend’s supposed to get cold,” he said. “And right now, you’ll see maybe one or two people on it and that’s about it. So we are going to be shutting down a little earlier than what we thought.”

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Knox Parks Department to Benefit from Gator Purchase Approved by City Council

The Knox City Council approved the purchase of a John Deere Gator when they met last Tuesday.

Mayor Dennis Estok explained that the City has been considering purchasing a Gator to assist the individual who mows the lots around town. He currently pushes his mower from place to place because he doesn’t have anything to cart it around in. Estok added that it could also be utilized to supervise events down at the park.

Additionally, the Parks Department has been looking into options for a Gator with four seats to replace the one they have which only has two. Continue reading

Knox City Council to Hold Work Session Over Budget Prior to Regular Meeting

Knox City Council members will hold a work study session to discuss the 2019 Budget before their regularly scheduled meeting tonight.

The work session will start at 6:15 p.m. At their last meeting, members decided to hold this session in order to get more familiar with all the details surrounding the proposed budget prior to the public hearing over it which is scheduled for Tuesday, September 11th.

The council’s regular meeting will start at 7 p.m. Continue reading

Knox Clerk-Treasurer Delivers Community Center Renovation Project Update

Knox Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston updated city council member about the ongoing renovation project at the Nancy J. Dembowski Community Center at this week’s meeting.

Clerk-Treasurer Houston said the project is nearing completion, with just a few minor things remaining. He noted that they will, of course, still have to deal with upkeep and maintenance but for the most part, the major renovations are all finished.

During Tuesday’s meeting, he informed them about the function behind the most recent addition. Continue reading

Local Officials Share Wage Concerns with Secretary of Career Connections and Talent

Starke County officials listen to a presentation by Indiana Secretary for Career Connections and Talent Blair Milo.

Making sure Starke County’s wages keep up with the rest of the state is one of the challenges local officials shared with Indiana Secretary of Career Connections and Talent Blair Milo. During her visit to Knox Wednesday, Milo highlighted the thousands of new, higher-paying jobs that Indiana businesses have added in recent years.

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Knox City Council Holds Hearing Over Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvement Project

Knox City Council members held a public hearing and considered two resolutions related to the proposed improvement project at the Wastewater Treatment Plant when they met this week.

At the start of Tuesday’s hearing, KIRPC Community Development Planner Emily Albaugh reminded those in attendance that the City of Knox is applying for OCRA’s Wastewater Drinking Water grant. Continue reading

Knox Mayor Reports Pearl Street Paving Has to Wait Until Aging Pipes Are Replaced

Paving on Pearl Street that was originally listed as one of the Community Crossings Grant projects for the City of Knox will have to wait.

Mayor Dennis Estok told city council members last Tuesday that the brick road on Pearl Street that was originally supposed to be paved cannot be included in this year’s grant application due to some older pipes that are underneath the road. Continue reading