Pulaski County Commissioners to Hear from ‘Save the Courthouse’ Representative Tonight

The Pulaski County Commissioners will hear from a representative of the Save the Courthouse group tonight. The group formed after county officials unveiled a proposal last month to demolish the county’s 123-year-old courthouse and replace it with an addition to the Justice Center. At the time, Maintenance Director Jeff Johnston said the plan would address security and accessibility concerns, as well as a number of other issues, at about a third of the cost of renovating and expanding the existing courthouse.

In the month since the proposal was unveiled, the Save the Pulaski County Courthouse Facebook page has gotten almost 1,300 likes, while a Change.org petition has received more than 1,900 online signatures. Meanwhile, the Pulaski County Historical Society said last week that it’s reached out to the Office of Indiana Landmarks and Historical Preservation for help finding resources that may be available to preserve the courthouse. The county commissioners have stressed that nothing is set in stone, and they want to hear public input before any decisions are made.

In other business tonight, the commissioners will consider department head appointments for 2019. That could include the hiring of a new EMS director. Brandon DeLorenzo has been serving as interim director, since Bryan Corn resigned on December 7. The commissioners are also scheduled to hear updates from Four County Counseling Center CEO Dr. Carrie Cadwell, Sheriff Jeff Richwine, and Maintenance Director Johnston.

Tonight’s Pulaski County Commissioners meeting starts at 6:00 EST in the Pulaski County Courthouse.