Skimmer Scams on the Rise – Be Cautious While Paying at the Pump

Left: Normal Card Reader        Right: Skimmer

With an increase in skimming devices being discovered at gas stations this year, AAA warns drivers to be extra cautious about paying at the pump. Unfortunately, this could happen to anybody; AAA Public Affairs Manager Greg Seiter had his card skimmed at a gas station on the south side of Indianapolis just a few weeks ago. Continue reading

Superintendent of Public Instruction Visiting Local School This Thursday

In an effort to provide updates and discuss educational initiatives, Indiana State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Dr. Jennifer McCormick is holding a series of teacher and community meetings across the state. Less than ten meetings have been scheduled but fortunately, local residents have the opportunity to attend the North Judson-San Pierre meeting and reception as long as they register prior to the Thursday. Continue reading

Street Sweeper Repairs Result in Cleaner Streets Quicker in Winamac

The Winamac Street Department recently had work done on their street sweeper. The renovations will help improve cleaning capabilities, speed up the amount of time it takes to complete street sweeping tasks and hopefully prolong the lifespan of the 17-year-old machine.

During Winamac Town Council meeting Monday evening, Street Department Superintendent Jeremy Beckner informed the council that this is the first time the sweeper has received any repair work since its purchase, explaining the $16,000 cost.

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