Temporary Checkpoint Prompts Pulaski County Officials to Renew Calls for Permanent Courthouse Security

A temporary security checkpoint at the Pulaski County Courthouse last week has led county officials to once again call for a permanent solution. A special judge for a jury trial required that all visitors be scanned with metal detectors as they entered the building. Clerk JoLynn Behny pleaded with the county commissioners Tuesday to put security in place on a permanent basis, saying that county employees felt safe.

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New Electronic Sign Installed at Knox Community Schools

Knox Community School Corporation photo

Visitors to the Knox Community School Corporation will now be greeted by a new electronic sign at Main Street and Redskin Trail. Superintendent Dr. William Reichhart says the base was poured Monday and the sign was put into place on Tuesday. “So we have Busse Electric coming to hook up power, and as soon as we get the power hooked up, the sign will become active,” he says.

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Almost 140 Grams of Synthetic Marijuana Reportedly Found at Westville Correctional Facility

Synthetic marijuana and tobacco reportedly found at Westville Correctional Facility Friday (Indiana Department of Correction photo)

Almost 140 grams of synthetic marijuana was reportedly found hidden in the Westville Correctional Facility. The Indiana Department of Correction says Lead Captain Joseph Farley found the contraband in one of the facility’s common areas Friday. A total of 139.9 grams of K2 and 4.7 grams of tobacco were reportedly located.

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