Winamac Parks’ New Drinking Fountains to Arrive Soon

Winamac’s parks are a step closer to getting some new drinking fountains. Park board members previously agreed to accept the donation of two decorative drinking fountains for the Town Park. An ADA-compliant drinking fountain is set to be placed along the trail, in the area of the basketball courts. The other fountain would replace the one that currently stands between the swinging bridge and the restrooms. Board members had also agreed to share the cost of a drinking fountain to be placed in Rinehart Park.

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This Volunteer Training Course Will Help You be Prepared If a Disaster Strikes

If you’re interested in preparing yourself to provide assistance in the event of an emergency, you should consider attending the free Red Cross volunteer training session scheduled for Sunday, September 23rd.

This training course is being held in conjunction with the Starke County COAD’s efforts to form a local Disaster Action Team. The course will be held at the Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in Knox. Prospective volunteers should show up around noon CST. Continue reading

North Judson Town Council Decides on Company to Create Official Website

Picture Source: Town of North Judson FB Page

North Judson Town Council members took a major step toward getting an official town website created when they met this week.

Clerk-Treasurer Andrew Rowe told council members on Tuesday that he’s been having conversations with Brian Pinson from SpiderByte IT about the costs associated with such a project. Continue reading

Another Round of Policy Updates Presented to Knox School Board

Groups using Knox school facilities would officially be banned from holding events with alcohol or betting, under a policy proposal presented to the school board last month. Superintendent Dr. William Reichhart said that would mean that outside organizations wouldn’t be allowed to hold bingo events at school facilities, but raffles held by school groups could continue, since they wouldn’t fall under this policy. It’s one of several policy updates recommended by policy consultant NEOLA.

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Pulaski County Sheriff’s Deputy Recognized for Lifesaving Actions

Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office photo

A Pulaski County Sheriff’s deputy is being credited with saving the life of a Bass Lake man over the Labor Day weekend. Deputy Branson Eber was eating dinner at Poblanos in Winamac when it happened, according to Sheriff Jeff Richwine. “Some person in there starts choking, falls over, and he does the Heimlich maneuver and gets him recovered,” Richwine told the county commissioners Tuesday. “And so when I get to work this morning, I’ve got a message from a lady from Bass Lake saying, ‘Hey, I wanted to thank you for having such a good deputy. He just saved my husband’s life at Pablanos, and we’re forever grateful.’”

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Knox School Board Gets Update on High School’s Former Pit Area


Knox High School’s pit area may be gone, but it continues to be a topic of discussion during school board meetings. Principal Dr. Elizabeth Ratliff told board members last month that the area where the pit used to be has gotten some new furniture. “The nice part is the kids love it,” she said. “So we’re seeing anywhere from 25 to 30 kids sitting in there every day. By being able to spread out the chairs, they’re really enjoying it, taking good care of it. So that’s been a very positive addition, also.”

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