Former Night Manager at Knox McDonald’s Arrested for Reportedly Dealing Meth at Work

A former night manager at the McDonald’s in Knox has been arrested after police reportedly discovered that she was dealing methamphetamine while at work.

According to Knox City Police Chief Harold Smith, authorities conducted a 2-month investigation after receiving reports that night manager, 52-year-old Sandra “Sandy” Henry, was apparently selling drugs while working at the fast-food restaurant.

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LaPorte County Traffic Stop Leads to Lengthy Prison Sentence for South Bend Man

A South Bend man has been sentenced to almost 22 years in prison, in connection with a LaPorte County traffic stop that reportedly turned up heroin, crack, and a .38 caliber revolver back in April. Marvin Cates, 43, was sentenced in U.S. District Court for being a felon in possession of a firearm, according to the LaPorte County Sheriff’s Office.

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Two More Lawsuits Filed in Connection with Last Month’s Fatal School Bus Crash

More lawsuits have been filed in connection with last month’s fatal crash involving an Eastern Pulaski school bus. According to court documents filed with the Marshall County Clerk’s Office, Amber Despot, the mother of one of the passengers, is suing the driver of the truck that allegedly crashed into the bus, along with the truck’s owner.

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Knox School Board Considers Potential Locations for New Electronic Message Board

Knox School Superintendent Dr. William Reichhart presents rendering of proposed electronic message board to school board members

The Knox School Board has decided to hold off on the purchase of an electronic message board until firmer plans are in place for a potential building project. During a recent meeting, Superintendent Dr. William Reichhart said possible changes to the corporation’s facilities, including the potential demolition of part of the elementary school, have caused him to rethink the sign’s location.

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Cost Estimate for Swinging Bridge Lighting Feature to Be Presented to Winamac Park Board

The Winamac Park Board may soon have a firmer cost estimate for a proposed lighting feature for the Town Park’s Swinging Bridge. “Apparently, someone was up with Mr. [Greg] Henry, came up and saw him and have made another appointment. But they did some measurements on the bridge, as far as the lighting,” Park Board President Courtney Poor told the rest of the board last week. “And so he hopes to have some of that information, hopefully, maybe for the January meeting, as far as just estimates from that company. I had requested they have it by the 15th of January, I think.”

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